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The Beehive - late night noshing

After a fun time at Tremont 647, Dish Gal and company headed down Tremont Street to The Beehive for some more cocktail fun. I figured this would be a good time to go, since it was relatively early in the night, and we wouldn't have to wait in line. FALSE.

We arrived around 9:45 p.m. and still had to wait about 10-15 minutes or so-- I was annoyed to say the least. However, once inside, all was forgiven; with a delicious dirty martini in hand and the sounds of live jazz bouncing off the walls, memories of the pretentious doorman and line-for-no-reason dissipated.

Z decided to join us after he got off work, and since he hadn't eaten yet, I reminded him that the Beehive serves food until quite late. So we parked ourselves at a table, and perused the menu. Usually at this time of night, several cocktails in, ANY menu looks amazing to Dish Gal, but this menu looked especially scrumptious.

Z was saddened to find out that the Moroccan Cigars (lamb-filled phyllo springrolls) were sold out. However, I pretty much forced him to order one of the grilled cheese sandwiches-- short rib with aged cheddar and fontina cheese ($13). HOLY CRAP am I glad he actually listened. I'm not sure if it was the martini talking, but that was possibly the best sandwich I've ever had. It positively melted in your mouth. It was so savory, so decadent...Clearly about 10 steps up from any grilled cheese I've ever had.

Maeve and I split the Beehive frites with sage and sea salt ($8). These were interesting as they were sliced paper thin; however, that made them a bit soggy, but again, at this time of night they tasted pretty darn great...but I suspect they would've been less popular a few hours earlier. But Z's was so great I swore to myself I'd write about it.

Sure, I still think the Beehive is wayyy too into itself. But after that sandwich, I'm starting to see why.

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