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Flour Bakery

So I FINALLY got to visit my celeb chef idol, Joanne Chang's, famous Flour Bakery! I knew going over for lunch that there wasn't any chance to get a sticky bun (they sell out early) but I was there for the sandwiches.

I decided on the applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. In retrospect, this was kind of a lame choice because I got the Flour BLT at Parish Cafe a couple weeks ago, but they actually were pretty different. Plus I had a hankering for a BLT, so I couldn't resist. This one had less frills than the Parish version (no pesto mayo here) but the quality of the ingredients, and the correct proportions (perfect amount of mayonnaise) made this sandwich a stand out.
Z got a warm pressed chicken sandwich with brie, arugula, and onions. It was also excellent-- interesting flavors, fresh ingredients. Since it was unseasonably cool, we also couldn't resist trying a bowl of soup; we shared the celery root and thyme with Israeli couscous. Mmm so great! Why can't Cambells make this?? I hate how canned soup options are only like chicken noodle or beef vegetable. Gross. BUT I digress.I resisted trying a pastry, but Flour is a 1 minute walk from Z's new apartment-- I have a feeling I'll be back soon, as I was drooling just looking at them. Maybe we'll get up early and get a sticky bun! My love of Joanne Chang continues.

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