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Pasta Weeknight Dinner

Over the past year I've stumbled across two items in the grocery store that I love: Barilla Plus pasta, and Perdue Short Cuts chicken strips. Tonight I made a super-easy dinner with both!

Barilla plus is great because it has the taste of normal pasta with amazing health benefits. Per serving, it has 17g of protein (to compare, one hard-boiled egg only has 6g!), loads of omega-3s, and 7 grams of fiber (chicken, eggs, and salmon all have 0g fiber). What a miracle food!

The Perdue short cuts are a favorite of mine just because they are so easy to use! Toss them on a salad for a great lunch, heat 'em up in a quesadilla, or stir-fry them with your favorite sauce. Super easy.

Tonight's dinner was penne with chicken, roasted reppers, mozzarella, and fresh basil. Here's how to make it:

Cook pasta according to directions (boiling water for 11 minutes). While pasta is cooking, saute olive oil and garlic. Add chicken, saute until just warmed up (since it's fully cooked already, only about 4 minutes).

Drain pasta. Add chicken, garlic, and olive oil mixture. Toss in roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella balls, and fresh chopped basil. Serve!

It was delicious as is, but I also towards the end added crushed red hot pepper flakes. The fresh basil made it fragrant and summery. No heavy sauce, but lots of flavor! Yayyy cooking successes.


Ezechiel said...
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Ezechiel said...

YUMMY!!!!! I wish my gf would cook this dish for me some time.