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The Quest for Good Sushi

Boston (proper) has a major sushi problem.

There are, of course, the favorites out there: old-favorite Oishii, new-favorite SushiTeq, extravagant foodie-favorite O- Ya, and chain-favorite Haru. But this leaves one major problem for Dish Gal: I can’t afford any of these on a regular basis!

Sure, I’ve named some pricey restaurants I’ve eaten at recently (Harvest, Capital Grille, etc.)… but these are all once in awhile type meals. Dish Gal has cravings for sushi approximately every 5 days. But there is such a shortage of places to go that are both yummy and reasonably priced.

When I used to live in the alcohol-coated, asphalt wasteland that is the intersection of Comm. Ave and Harvard Ave., I was spoiled by walking distance to Takeshima (RIP), Mr. Sushi, and Fugakyu that were all located in Coolidge Corner. But now that I’m in (my beloved) Davis Square, Tapei Tokyo just isn’t cutting it for me…

Last Saturday I had hope when I read about a good yet reasonably priced sushi place next to the State House and Mooo… called Zen Sushi. When I walked in, the atmosphere was nothing to write home about – odd smoke machines and the familiar uncomfortable wooden chairs at tiny tables, and a small sushi bar.

But I was still hopeful. We ordered three sushi rolls—one was a spicy tuna roll with a twist (the twist being the tempura flakes and spicy mayo were inside the maki, and the tuna was on the outside) for $13.95, a sweet potato tempura maki ($4.95), and an unagi maki (I always picture Ross from Friends now when I order this) for approximately $6.

The “special” tuna maki wasn’t very special; I decided I prefer my tuna to be in the inside, although the tuna itself tasted very fresh. The sweet potato one was less dense than others, and thus had less of a sweet potato taste and more of a rice taste. The unagi was pretty standard- yummy, but not outstanding.

All in all, I don’t regret going, because it did (somewhat) satisfy my sushi craving and was reasonably priced, as promised. But Dish Gal’s quest for the impossible—a yummy sushi place in Boston that doesn’t break the bank—goes on….

Please feel free to leave any suggestions!

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nicole said...

reallly far after the fact---but i recommend Kayuga on Comm ave by Packard's corner (Blandford st stop on the B line). Not at all fancy, and usually packed with BU kids, but as a New Yorker who likes sushi, this place is one of my favorites by far.