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Odwalla Venting

Dish Gal caved. I joined a gym last week. Restaurant week finally was the impetus, as I realized attempting to try all sorts of restaurants around Boston + a desk job + a love for food somehow doesn't equal a trim and toned figure (who would've guessed it!?)

Anyway, I digress. So my dear, dear friend, the famous (on my blog at least, soon in real life too I'm sure) Skylar had lovingly given me an Odwalla bar for my pre-work out. It was chocolate chip peanut. Mmm, that sounds tasty, I thought to myself.

However, I was wrong, and I have to get off my chest how horrible that tasted. I just can't understand how someone would taste that, and then decide that was appropriate for the general public. I understand it's "good for you", but there are millions of things on this earth that are good for you that taste good. Why do we have to make something good for you that tastes like THAT!?

Seriously, that literally tasted like I just ate a cardboard box that someone sneezed half-chewed peanut butter on.

Sorry, Skylar! =( I loved the gesture, but the flavor? Not so much...

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