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Greek Turkey Burger Recipe

So I make what I call “Dish Gal Weeknight Meals” when I cook at home which are often random, sometimes delicious, and always quick.

Last night I made greek turkey burgers with a roasted red pepper and kalamata olive spread, and I just had to share how I made them because they were so delish!

I never use exact measurements, so forgive me that I’m guessing for pretty much everything…

Serving size: 1 person
For the burgers:
1/6 of a lb ground turkey meat
1 tbsp. olive oil
minced onion
garlic powder
feta cheese, crumbled
½ a cup chopped baby spinach
½ a tomato
whole wheat English muffins

For the spread:
Kalamata olives, around 6
1 large (and I mean large) roasted red pepper strip
parsley (I used dried flakes, recipe suggested fresh)

1. Saute the garlic in the olive oil with the minced onion until slightly browned. Remove.
2. mix in a bowl the spinach, feta, onion & garlic mixture.
3. add the ground turkey meat, and mix with your hands
4. add spices (I used oregano and garlic powder, but whatever spices you like) as well as good ol’ S&P
5. mold into a patty, about 1.5” thick
6. heat pan with the oil in it to medium-high heat; place burger on it and cook for 6 minutes approximately on each side.

7. while this is cooking, put in a food processor the parsley, kalamata olives, and roasted red pepper. Puree until paste-like.
8. toast the English muffin bun
9. slather the English muffin with the spread and place tomato slices on one side.
10. when the burger is done, place it on the bun and presto ! you’re done!

I served it with a side of fresh spinach drizzled with balsamic.

Loved it!

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