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Finger-Lickin' Good

I don't even really like barbeque. I mean, by all means it's delicious, but for the most part I compare it to my experience with Taco Bell-- sounds like a great idea, tastes like a great idea... about 5 minutes later-- not such a great idea...

However, Redbones in Davis Square is so good, once every few months I ignore what my brain tells me and follow my taste buds. Redbones is a perfect example of one of my foodie mantras (see right): a great restaurant experience does not have to cost a fortune.

There are so many wonderful details about the restaurant that make it so gosh darn likeable, even if it tries to have a hard, bad-ass edge. Like how the owner is a cyclist, so they offer the only "bike valet" in the city, offering to stash your two-wheeled ride for you. The atmosphere is always festive, as if every night is a celebration, or at least reason to drink $5 margaritas.

I had the pulled pork sandwich ($6.50) and chose to double-up and have hot and sweet sauce. The sauces slipped through the succulent shredded pork, soaking the bottom of the bun so it was almost soggy (which sounds like a negative, but actually makes it even more finger-lickin good). We shared a plate of mashed potatoes (woah, what is it with me and mashed potatoes recently? comfort food much?) and fries. I sampled my friend's BBQ Hash which several people warned him was hot-- and wow was it! At first bite it seemed reasonable...that is until the warm tingling on my tongue turned into a full-on four-alarm fire.

We washed it down with standard beers like Corona and Guinness, but the restaurant also proudly offers a list of beers on tap that changes daily, from local and regional brews like Allagash White to Belgian brews.

So when is Redbones a good option? When you are...

- taking a friend out to celebrate a birthday? yay
- meeting the in-laws? nay
- feeling like your hands have been too clean lately and need that sticky-ness that can only come from really good ribs: ding ding ding jackpot!

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