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Hey! Guess What!?

I moved. And while I meant to update like two weeks ago and share where I was going, this never happened. Somewhere between going away parties and packing, blogging fell by the wayside.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter may have guessed my new city ... What with the Maoz-obsession and the Papaya King drunk food... and the "metro north" commute...

Yes, I've moved to the Big Apple! The foodie promised land. There are SO many places to try, and I can't wait to try them all...and share my experiences with you. Plus, my new job is culinary-related (that's all I'll say) so hopefully that will immerse me in the foodie scene extra quickly. In the meantime, I really need to find some super foodie NYC friends to introduce me to every hidden gem and nationally-acclaimed-restaurant in town.

So far, I've had beers at dive bar Spring Lounge, falafel at Maoz, steak at Michael Jordan's steakhouse (with a surprisingly tasty arugula & fennel salad w/ sausage chips), and like a billion coffees to keep me awake on my two hour commute from CT (staying there while I'm apartment hunting...).

What happens to this blog, you may be wondering? I'm going to keep on writing! I know, it says Dish This Boston. I will have to figure out something about that. But I still have lots of Boston wisdom to share. For example, keep your eyes out for two new Boston posts-- one on dinner at the South End Buttery, and one about my going away party at La Verdad. . . Plus, I'll still be able to give restaurant recs, so feel free to email me with questions at

I hope you'll keep reading-- I promise, the culinary adventures will only get better...

Lots of love,
Dish Gal

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SPIKEmgb said...

hahaha Papaya King, yes!

You will be missed, even though we never met. :(