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Sneak Peek at Whole Foods Dedham

Whole Foods Dedham is like my version of Disneyworld. Dish Mom couldn't stop laughing at my wandering around the store, slack-jawed in disbelief at all the food. I darted around, shouting excited phrases to her: "A walk-in fromagerie!!" "House-made charcuterie!" "Lots of beer!"

Here are some pics that I snapped, but I highly recommend checking out this place for yourself, especially because these blurry iPhone photos don't do it justice.

The Shawarma Station:
The Gelato Bar (not nearly as good as Italy, but I guess it'll do... ;)
Vats of maple syrup:The walk-in fromagerie!:
Inside the fromagerie...yay cheese!
Scoop your own bath salts (there were lots of these, not just this one kind...who knew there were so many bath salts??):

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The Missus said...

It is pure HEAVEN! I mean, the Whole Foods around the corner from my house here in Toronto is really nice too... But this Dedham one is AMAZING!