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Cocktail of the Week

Summertime to me is the perfect time to experiment with yummy cocktails. So, in honor of the best three months of the year, each week I'll be sharing one of my favorite cocktails with you.

First up: this incredibly refreshing jalapeno and cucumber margarita at Masa in the South End.(Thanks, Jamie, for Price-is-right-style showing off the drink)

While the jalapenos may scare you into thinking this drink is super spicy, it actually is not that hot. It tastes more like a cucumber lemonade, with a kick ;)

Now the habanero watermelon margarita (another fave) at Masa...that's another story. You need a glass of milk to chase that thing with!

In any case, this drink is a perfect way to kick off the season. Try it with one of Masa's tapas combo plates in the bar area for just $10 (10 tapas for $10-- or 10 for $5 during happy hour!).

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