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Teatro's White Pizza with Hot Peppers and Sea Salt

My dear readers,

I just had to share with you the awesome pizza I had last night at Teatro (the restaurant I lovingly refer to as "Sorellina-light").

The pizza had a super crispy, thin crust (almost tortilla like, really) and was covered in sharp white cheeses. The best part though? The addition of the hot cherry peppers. And these bad boys were hot. When I ordered this I was nervous that they'd taste just like normal roasted peppers, but thankfully they definitely had a kick. Spicy + salty is quickly becoming a favorite food combination of mine.

Have you enjoyed any yummy dishes recently? Is anyone at work today besides me? I think I could hear a pin drop in my office right now...

Dish Gal

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Goo said...

Agreed! The expectation is for dull bland mushy peppers but there was nothing dull about the pizza. A great choice