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Three things Dish Gal is excited about...

These can't wait until TGIF...Things I'm really psyched for:

1) Top Chef: Masters on Bravo: It's Top Chef but with already well-established chefs...and to top it off, Boston is FINALLY representing!! Michael Schlow, make us proud ;)

2) "Vegas comes to Kneeland Street":'s food blog Dishing reports that Frank De Pasquale (of Mare and Bricco) is opening a Vegas-style restaurant in the old News space, complete with cabanas, roof deck, house music, and gourmet burgers. Embarassing, but I'm super excited for this. The best part? After 2 a.m. on weekends there's a breakfast buffet for $20. Ummm hi, I'm Dish Gal, nice to meet you.

3) SMEEPS: Smores meet Peeps. Holy heaven above these look amazing. Must. Try. Now.

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julia said...

PEEPS!! on smores?!?! sign me up! sounds amaaazing.