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Cooking & Music: The Salmon Playlist

This past weekend when I was at Skylar’s apartment celebrating her and Maeve’s birthdays, I happened to scroll through Sky’s ipod playlists to discover one called, “Salmon.” I was intrigued. Was this an ode to fish? Are there a lot of salmon songs that I don’t know about? No, the explanation made much more sense than that—it was a playlist she had made for a night she was cooking some salmon.

This got Dish Gal thinking about the connection between cooking and music. I love music, and have made mixes for every occasion, from the one I made for my first solo-driving experience (it started with Paul McCartney’s “Band on the Run”), to one I made for nighttime driving (Nick Drake was featured heavily on this one). There’s one for running (Rihanna & Britney are favorites), one for stretching (Imogen Heap), one for pre-gaming (Lady Gaga), one for falling asleep (Jem). But I don’t actually have one for cooking!

When I’m doing what I call “weekend, special occasion” cooking (perhaps for a special someone), I’ll sometimes play some jazz or throw on that Comcast music channel with the big band music. (Is that embarrassing? Should I not be owning up to this?) Both are so random, as I don’t have either genre featured on my ipod, but they seem to fit the mood- the glass of wine, the slower-paced cooking, the cute little “cooking outfit.” I think season has to do with it, too. If it’s summertime, the wine gets replaced with a Corona, and the music gets switched to something more upbeat, like Buena Vista Social Club.

But when it comes to everyday, weeknight cooking, the cute little “cooking outfit” is replaced by sweaty workout clothes and the only soundtrack I listen to is the sound of Pat Sajak’s voice during 7 p.m. Wheel of Fortune (or if it was a particularly long night at the gym/grocery store, Alex Trebek).

What do you all listen to when you cook? If you need some suggestions to spice up your cooking playlist, be sure to hop on over to my friend J. Scrib’s blog which features a lot of cool, unknown music.

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julia said...

thanks for this post- and shout out :) when i do cook, its usually italian.. and i like to listen to frank sinatra or tony bennet-- i like to keep it classy and old school