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D.G. is headed to N.Y.C. this weekend for an early birthday celebration with Jamie, Skylar, and Maeve! The actual big day is Monday (planning on going out to Masa that night) but am going to dance my bum off in New York until then. Any suggestions for moderately priced, fun dinner spots for tomorrow night?

Here are some fun links for your Friday:

Boston chefs on facebook! MenuPages does a nice round-up, and even includes some fun tidbits about each. Example: who knew Rachel Klein was an ANTM (America's Next Top Model) fan?

What's the Soup? This website rounds up the daily soup specials so you don't have to call around to lots of restaurants. Definitely needs to be expanded (only 2 places for Boston proper?) but is a really nice idea. .

Group On: Collective Buying Power Check out this site for big discounts at local companies. How it works is that you bid on the discount, and if enough people buy it, it's yours. If not enough people bid, you don't get charged.

Sudoku Pizza Yes, you read that correctly.. {via Serious Eats}

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