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First, I know I totally missed the "hot dish of the week" this week... I actually know what it is, but I can't find my camera cord anywhere to upload my picture! Bad news.

In the meantime, don't forget to take my bday poll on the right! I desperately need your help coming up with a decision.

And of course, here are some links to get through this Friday. . .

Scanwiches -- a website that features scanned images of the insides of sandwiches from different restaurants. Example: a corned beef sandwich from the famous Katz's Deli in NYC:
20 Worst Foods in America -- 2,400 calories for an appetizer!? It gets even worse. Pros of this? You'll never feel guilty eating a "measly" 300 calorie donut again. {via Men's Health}

3 Buck Bites -- a website that does the work for you and finds "cheap eats for food lovers" in different cities.

Review of the Week: Striking Gold 2.0-- this honestly made me laugh out loud. It's a user review of a Chinese restaurant in NYC that is so, so funny. A must-read. {via MenuPages Boston}

Serious Heat: Taming the Chile Fire-- Dish Gal LOVES spicy food. The hotter, the better. This article not only explains what parts of the chile are hot, but also how to "tame the fire" when your mouth is crying out in pain. Hint: don't drink water! {via Serious Eats}

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