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Dish Gal Approved Recommendations

One of my favorite things to do is recommend restaurants to people. I don't know why- maybe it's the challenge of coming up with the perfect spot for each specific occasion? For J. Scribs' birthday, I suggested Gaslight-- which she loved.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got an email asking for a recommendation for some out-of-towners from Monteal. Ooo tres chic! Here was the challenge:

We're coming back to Beantown for another weekend getaway in a couple of weeks and my friends were thinking of going back to La Voile. It was a really nice experience but I find going back to the same place a little boring, there must be a lot of other nice restaurants in Boston ! So I was wondering if you could suggest another fine restaurant, in the same price range as La Voile, not too far from downtown Boston. It could be French (I am from France and truly love French cuisine) but not necessarily.

Here's (part of) Dish Gal's long answer:

One restaurant that comes to mind right off the bat is Hungry Mother. People have been LOVING this place-- it's French cuisine meets Southern food, with very reasonable prices. It's located in Cambridge, right over the bridge, about a 10 minute cab ride from where La Voile is. Definitely make reservations if you plan on eating there-- they are routinely booked solid, especially on weekends. Another French restaurant I would recommend would be Eastern Standard. Located in Kenmore Square (right near Fenway!), this restaurant is a bit more "scene-y" than La Voile, and can be loud and boisterous- in a fun way, though. They have a world-reknowned bartender, Jackson Cannon, so if you like cocktails this is definitely the place to visit.

The moral of this story? Please email me at for restaurant recommendations!

Oh, and by the way, my Parisian friend had a follow-up question; feel free to weigh in on answers for him...

Also we did not see many places where you can have breakfast (I already noticed that during my previous trips)... Except for Dunkin Donuts! Would you have some recommandations there too? Nothing fancy, just a regular but good (and not served in styrofoam) 2-eggs-with-bacon-and-hashbrown type of place.

What are your thoughts, dear readers?

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