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Dealing With Complaints (and a Thank You to restaurant people)

Recently it seems like Dish Gal has been getting heat from all directions, in my personal life but especially at work. Without boring you with details, lots of people have been complaining about things that are kind of ridiculous, which started to really grate on my nerves. Not used to playing the role of customer service rep, I turned to Z for some advice on how he handles all the complaints he gets at his job as a restaurant manager.

He told me being defensive never works; always just apologize and take the heat, no matter whose fault it actually is. He also told me about situations in which he actually gets the person complaining to start apologizing to him-- but that sounded like stuff only a serious expert like him could do! I'll stick with the apologizing.

Hearing his advice and listening to all his stories and examples made me think how we should thank all the hard-working FOH (front of the house) employees (the nice ones, not the surly ones) at our favorite establishments. When we're unwinding and celebrating, they're busting their butts to make it special. So let's never forget to treat them with respect, and try not complain as much-- well, about the restaurant. Feel free to vent about anything else! ;)

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Om Gal said...

Bravo! I couldn't agree more! I'm the product of a restaurant family, so I spent countless summers hustling around balancing a heavy tray on my shoulder (the yoga must have helped), taking orders from the gracious and the surly. Gracious always gets you farther- and might even get you an extra scoop of ice cream with your dessert or a table with a better view.