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Boston Beanstock Coffee Co.

Last Saturday, Dish Gal discovered possibly the greatest "to-go" hungover food in the city. This is for those mornings when sitting in a loud restaurant just isn't going to happen. It's for mornings when it's the couch or nothing. This is where the North End's Boston Beanstock Coffee Co.'s "BLTCE" comes in...

This breakfast sandwich takes the BLT to the next level-- by adding cheese and egg. Sliced sourdough bread, plus a thin layer of mayonnaise, topped with fatty bacon, crunchy lettuce, slippery tomatoes, and savory cheese equals an exquisite hangover remedy.
Now, when you head into Boston Beanstock Coffee Co. next weekend, excited to try my new recommendation, you might get a bit nervous when you don't see it on the menu. But make sure you ask for it-- they can make it for you. I discovered this because I had seen it on their online menu but it wasn't in the coffee shop. But having left my apartment specifically for this sandwich, I perservered and asked about it. So do the same!

Live long and prosper, my under-the-weather comrades.

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