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Tremont 647 for Saturday brunch

One thing about moving to a new apartment is that you do a lot of eating out until you've had a chance to go grocery shopping. So after lunch at Parish Cafe, then dinner at Aura, we woke up Saturday morning to go look at an apt for Z in the South End and then wandered over to our 3rd meal out in a row-- Tremont 647 for brunch.

We had gotten up pretty early to look at the apartment, so when we got to Tremont 647 there was no wait, and hardly anyone sitting inside (the patio was quite crowded, but I thought it was kinda too muggy to sit outside anyway). I had forgotten one huge part of the draw of the Tremont 647 brunch-- pajamas! All the hosts, servers, and bartenders, are decked out in PJs, from one-sies to silk robes to flannel pajama sets with slippers. So cute!! Our waitress was really friendly and attentive. I ordered a coffee to start, because I promised myself that after the wine and martinis the night before that I would not get a bloody mary. I stuck to my guns, despite the fact that several delicious looking ones passed my line of vision.

The menu was an incredible brunch menu. It had lots of things that I want to return for, like the pop-tarts and the deviled egg appetizers. But in the end I opted for huevos rancheros-- 2 fried eggs with three different salsas, a flour tortilla, and rice and beans. Z went for cinnamon french toast with strawberries. The huevos rancheros arrived and looked beautiful. However, something was missing, and I still can't put my finger on it. None of the salsas were that spicy, and the eggs didn't really do it for me. It was still really good, don't get me wrong, but they didn't have any "Wow" effect on me.

I think I compare all my huevos rancheros dishes to the ones that I get in NYC at this place in Spanish Harlem my brother used to always take me, La Rosita. We'd head into the non-descript small restaurant and feast on papaya or mango shakes (could never decide which I was in the mood for), and mush the eggs and rice and beans together for the most amazing breakfast ever.
However, Z seemed to like mine, as he kept reaching over to steal bites of my rice, while I kept trying to steal his super sweet french toast with fresh strawberries. This happens a lot, if you haven't noticed. All in all, I definitely would return-- but just wouldn't order the huevos rancheros again.

And PS, Z took the apartment!! Dish Gal could not be more excited about his being a 2 minute walk from Flour Bakery and a 2 second (literally) walk to Orinoco.

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