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Spike's Junkyard Dogs

I'm on a Davis Square binge, if you can't already tell from all these posts in a row. With my move to the North End coming up very quickly, I'm trying to enjoy everything that my favorite square has to offer before heading across the river. Dining at Gargoyles, seeing a movie at the theatre, chatting it up with the ridiculously friendly Hollywood Express employees-- I'm just trying to soak it all in.

Last night, Sebastian and I stopped by Spike's in Davis. Spike's locations seem to follow me wherever I go-- one was right around the corner from my last apartment in Allston, there is one down the street from my job now, and also one right in Davis Square. However, I'm not a big hot dog and hamburger girl, so despite its close proximity, it's not a spot I frequent very often.

But last night, something about it called to us. Despite its gruff and "intimidating" sounding name, the inside of Spike's is very friendly-- bright and colorful, the walls covered in old street signs and similar paraphenalia. Sebastian opted for one of their cheeseburgers ($4.85), which was 1/3 of a pound of meaty goodness which he called, "sooo good" (a direct quote). Sebastian also noted the quality for amount of money you pay- "it couldve been at a fancier restaurant for twice the price, ya know?" I hear ya, Seb.

I went for the signature-- Spike's Junkyard hot dog, which had Spike's house spicy mustard, scallions, tomato, and hot pepper rings ($3.45). The meaty hot dog came wrapped in not your average soft and doughy bun, but rather in a loaf of crusty, sub-like bread. Now I understand why the "Spikes challenge" (eat more than 6 in 90 minutes) is so hard to accomplish... It was really delicious, and the unusual toppings added a nice kick and creative flavors. I also got the "poodle fries" (curly fries). These were decent, nothing special. I added some salt (you know, trying to make it more healthy...) which jazzed them up a bit.

My favorite part of the night, though, was when they called my name, handed me my bag of food, and then proceeded to tell me that actually, that wasn't my order. This would've been fine, had I not already started eating the fries...Woops! =)

Oh, Davis! How I'll miss thee...

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