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Brunch in Salem

Z and I love taking mini-day trips, or adventures as we call them. Last Sunday, despite too many dirty martinis at RumBa on Saturday night, we got in our Zipcar and headed north, and spontaneously decided that Salem would be our destination of choice (in the past we've visited Rockport, Gloucester, Newport, Newburyport, and Manchester-by-the-Sea).
First we stumbled upon the large ship, the "Friendship," which we thought would be kind of an unexpected fun thing to do. We were impressed with ourselves that we would be doing something historic and educational. However, upon walking up to it, we saw that it was $5 per person. Hmm... No thanks!

After we did the awkward abrupt-stop-and-exit, we wandered down this street and happened upon this restaurant, "In a pig's eye". We wandered in through the swinging door into this adorable brick restaurant and bar. They were serving Sunday brunch-my favorite meal! Yay!

We both ordered bloody mary's. The restaurant was pretty empty except for a large party with lots of little kids. This took up most of the waitress's attention, though she was very nice. The bloody mary's were really spicy, lots of horseradish. Z ordered eggs benedict with sausage and spinach-it came on these enormous English muffins with hash browns, a small slice of melon, and a side of a piece of coffee cake. What a great touch! I loveee coffee cake. The sausage with the eggs benedict was delicious and surprising-I've never seen that on a menu before. I got the pastrami sandwich with mustard and onions on dark rye-called "the ultimate cure." Sounded exactly like what I needed ;) It wasn't exactly what I imagined (I think I was picturing a reuben, and was disappointed when it didn't have Russian dressing, but that's my own fault, as I always do that), but it was delicious and the fries were AMAZING! Ah-may-zing. So crispy and fluffy. Couldn't get enough of them.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this place if you're in Salem. A great addition to our adventure Sunday!


mini said...

Wow cofffee cake with eggs? I'm sold!

thompsty said...

Bloody Marys have become a serious passion of mine! Sometimes they can be a meal in themselves, no?

Dish This! said...

YES! they can. They are amazing. I want one right now.

PS "thompsty" you clicked on the link b/c you thought it had something to do with real gargoyles, didnt you? ;)