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Stephanie's on Newbury

When people mention Stephanie's on Newbury St, I usually hate on it. "Ugh, it's so overpriced," I'll grumble. "Upscale, comfort food-- so overdone."

But the other night, Skylar and I ended up there on one of these beautiful summer nights we've been having. We grabbed a glass of chardonnay at the bar, and then were quickly seated on their bustling patio. Our waiter was less than stellar (struck me as a summer-off-from-college type, which was interesting because I thought Stephanie's was a full-time-servers-only place). He was nice, but forgot to mention specials, and was a bit awkward for a seemingly-refined place.

But, I hate to say it, my asian yellow fin tuna salad ($16.95) really hit the spot. The tuna was supple and fresh, topped with a tangy wasabi sauce. The field greens were tossed in a zesty (albeit a tad too much of it) sesame dressing. The wok-charred peppers were unexpected and had just the right amount of crunchy-to-soft ratio. And while the price is pretty high, it was a large portion, and they did not skimp on the tuna.

While I think the menu is way overpriced and there are definitely better places to try in Boston, I don't think you'd be going wrong if you stopped here during a day of shopping on Newbury. I guess I'll have to quiet my grumbling for now. . .

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