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Viet Grill= The Dream Cafe (Seinfeld reference anyone?)

Last weekend I headed home to Canton to visit the parents and to do about 8 loads of laundry. Young, financially-strapped people like me know the joy of this type of trip: the chance to get some home-cooking, raid (stocked!) cabinets, or at least be taken out to a restaurant where the bill is footed (God bless parents!). But this weekend I was shocked to learn my parents actually had plans! Off they headed to "Banned in Boston" as I was left to fend for myself.

As I drove through Canton Center (which was HOPPING on a Saturday night...and by "hopping" I mean I didn't see one person), I spied a Vietnamese restaurant,"Viet Grill". Hmm-- Vietnamese food in Canton!? I had to try it.

When I walked in around 9 p.m. it was empty. The decor was nothing to speak of- it was more like a dentist's office than a restaurant, with unadorned tables and bright lights. The walls had articles from the Boston Globe though, which was encouraging. I was greeted by the most adorable older Asian man, who took my order (fresh rolls & a Vietnamese salad).

As I sat and waited for my order in the silent restaurant (literally, silent), the Seinfeld-esque-ness of the situation dawned on me: the empty restaurant, the adorable and enthusiastic single employee in the restaurant-- I was in the Canton version of the Dream Cafe, with the Vietnamese Babu Bhatt.

The man emerged from the back with my two items and a steamed rice. The total was under $10 (I could really get used to the burbs!). The best part of the whole experience came at the end I was exiting he told me, "You look like a movie star! You are beautiful" in the most sincere, cute, and Babu Bhatt way. Boy was he going to get a rave review on this site!

When I got home I settled into the couch and ate straight out of the takeout containers. Dish Gal really enjoyed the crunchy and tangy cabbage and carrot salad with peanuts, and dunked each fresh roll with glee into the yummy peanut sauce.

All in all, a "dreamy" experience.

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Dish girl IS beautiful! (and a movie star--I think I saw her in a party pic on Perez last weekend)

Om Gal said...

I am fairly certain I saw her dining with Kate Hudson in the North End over the weekend. TOTAL movie star;-)