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SO Delicious ice cream lives up to its name

It’s a pretty bold move to name your product an effusive and congratulatory adjective (see: Kick-ass Cupcakes in Davis Square). However, when you can back it up, it does make quite the statement.

On my last trip to Shaw’s in Porter, I got a little lost and ended up venturing into unknown territory, wandering down the organic foods aisle. It appeared from a distance to be your average aisle, with granola bars and snacks and chips, until you looked a little closer—“dairy free” “vegan” “gluten free”—it was a veritable playground for those who for some reason or another need to watch what they eat. Curious to see what they offered in the ice cream category, I peered into a freezer case and spied the “SO Delicious” ice cream bars.

Vegan-friendly and dairy free, my lactose-phobic stomach’s curiosity was piqued, but my brain was skeptical. Sure, they were boldly called “SO delicious”, but could I really trust such a food item? I was feeling crazy that night (ha) so I went for it.

When I opened up the tiny little ice cream package I was even more skeptical, but after my first bite into the creamy goodness I was instantly a convert. It tasted exactly like any sort of treat I remembered from childhood, and light years better than my back-up ice cream I had purchased that same trip (Weight Watchers “HUGE” sundae—riiiight…).

SO Delicious can be enjoyed by everyone, not just those with food sensitivities or health-nuts. It tastes just as good as the real thing, and c’mon, when was the last time you could pat yourself on the back for a dessert you ate that’s good for you??

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